When Marc and Devorah Feder came to Boca Raton in May 2015 they had one thought on their minds. Just to get away for the weekend on a mini vacation. Instead that vacation turned out to be completely life changing. They instantly fell in love with the beauty, the laid-back vibe, and the style of Boca Raton. Never one to fear a challenge, an adventure, or a new place (they’ve lived in 2 countries, 3 states, and 5 cities in the 18 years that they’ve been married), they found a house here, sold their home in NJ and moved to Florida just 3 months later.  After several months of searching for the perfect location they settled on the Boardwalk at SW 18th street and the chance to build their dream store from the ground up.

4 dogs, 2 houses, over a year of building and designing (Devorah created and designed the entire store), 2 floods (one in Denver and one in Boca ), several hundred flights to NYC and Denver (they are still running their Denver and NYC branches) finding and hiring an amazing crew, hand picking every single piece of their millions in inventory… and making several (ok many) mistakes along the way, they have an absolutely gorgeous 4000 sq. foot showroom that’s a cross between your living room and an art gallery.

They bring a fresh new twist to a somewhat stuffy old school industry and take the art of jewelry shopping to a different level. They want to make sure that not only does every customer feel welcome, no matter the budget or purchase, but that just being in the store would be an experience in and of itself. The heart of the store is a comfortable lounge stocked with drinks, wine, chocolate, and snacks, a tv, and an array of distracting games and books for the inner child in every bored man waiting for his wife, or vice versa! A double sided 300 gallon seahorse saltwater tank is Marc’s pride and joy and his favorite part of the store.

They curated a beautiful collection of jewels which is a mix of mainstream designers and brand new hot up and coming artists.  They pride themselves on having many one of a kind and exotic designs and lines that can’t be found anywhere else in South Florida, (and in some cases the USA).  They have a tremendous inventory of loose diamonds in every carat weight and one of their favorite aspects of the business is custom design. From engagement rings to remaking heirloom pieces, creating treasures that they and their clients fall in love with is something they so enjoy and excel in.

Marc and  Devorah are now active in several charities and in their synagogue, and they are integral parts of the Boca Raton community.  They welcome the opportunity to show their passion and love for the business and to give each and every person who walks through the door an enjoyable, relaxing, and most of all fun shopping experience.